Girls Love Roundup – April 2017

It’s April, and if there’s one place you don’t have to worry about April Fools ruining your day, it’s within the trusty arms of Girls Love. Unforunately there’s not much coming out in April, but there’s some brand new titles that have been announced, so let’s have a look at them!

Manga – New Releases (April 2017)

Hana & Hina After School (Volume 1) by Morinaga Milk

Release Date: April 1st in Europe (Already out in North America)
Published by Seven Seas

The latest series by Morinaga Milk is about two girls secretly working part-time at a store against the school rules. Hana is a small and shy girl where as Hina is trendy and outgoing, but soon the two start finding an interest in each other beyond the fact that they both work at the same store.

Hana and Hina also love everything that can be called cute, they begin finding each other fitting that very description and begin falling in love, adding yet another secret that must be kept between the two girls. It’s not the most uncommon or unique premise, but the part-time job angle adds a little bit of spice to the mix.

The series consists of three volumes in total, with Seven Seas planning on releasing all three throughout the year, the final volume set to release around November.

Manga – New Announcements (March 2017)

After Hours (Volume 1) by Nishio Yuhta

Release Date: June 13th in North America
Published by VIZ Media

We had a brand new GL title announced for licensing last month with After Hours, an adult life drama between Emi, an unemployed girl in her mid 20s and Kei, a DJ at a club that takes an interest in Emi and the excitement is mutual.

This is definitely worth looking forward to in Summer if you’re the kind of GL fan who’ve gotten tired of everything being about high school girls. It’s been praised a lot in Japan and previous scanlation efforts showed promise for a western audience as well.

No European release has been announced yet, but I’m sure VIZ Media will find some way to have it release here as well. While it won’t be out until June, it’s always fun to hear about new titles being licensed, don’t you agree?

Anime – New Announcements (March 2017)

Asagao to Kase-san (Music Video)

Release Date: TBA
No Localization

At Yuri Fare the announcement of a Kase-san anime dropped and we were all very excited about the news. However, at AnimeJapan it was given further details and we learned that things weren’t as great as they first seemed.

A five minute music video with a Kase-san motif is being produced at studio Zexcs with director Satou Takuya and author Takahashi Hiromi hoping it’ll kickstart enough interest for a full anime production. The video will be set to Kimi no Egao (Album Version) by Oku Hanako.

If you want to see it happen, follow @asagao_anime on Twitter and watch the PV on YouTube. If enough support and interest is shown this might go further and the team is looking at the international audience as well!

Konohana Kitan (N/A)

Release Date: TBA
No Localization

Announced on the obi-cover of the latest volume, Amano Sakuya‘s yuri manga Konohana Kitan, which itself is a semi-sequel semi-reboot of her earlier Comic Yuri Hime series Konohanatai Kitan, will be getting an anime production.

There’s not yet any information of what the nature of this production could be. It could be a TV anime series, an OVA or possibly another music video pitch like Kase-san got. However, something is on its way with more information coming up. The story itself follows Yuzu, a new employee at a hot springs inn within a village for youkai fox spirits.

I’ve not yet read Konohana Kitan, but what I read of the first series I liked. It’s cute and has girls with fox ears. And what more than that could you possibly ask for in the end?

Games – Recent Announcements (March 2017)

Kindred Spirits on the Roof: 5th Anniversary Edition (Visual Novel)

Release Date: TBA
Localized by MangaGamer (Original Version)

What might be my favourite visual novel all time is getting a fancy new release for its 5th anniversary! What’s the big thing for this new release? Kindred Spirits’ 5th Anniversary Edition will be fully voiced!

The original game only had voices during specific scenes, which didn’t harm the title at all but the fact that we’ll hear this wonderful story fully voiced has me excited. There’s been no mention of an English release at this time but considering how good they’ve been on localizing everything regarding the title so far I’m sure we’ll get it.

I mentioned this last month but I can’t recommend this game enough, it’s such a delightful experience that every GL fan should enjoy.

Again, it’s a rather meager month. For some reason all the new manga volumes are set for May. Next month is ridiculously packed! Still, I hope you enjoyed this look into Girls Love for this month. If you want a recommendation from something I’ve been enjoying I highly suggest checking out Now Loading…! by Mikanuji, it’s a great GL title about game development. It’s fairly new but a few chapters are scanlated, let’s just hope it can get licensed once volumes start coming out! And don’t forget to support the Kase-san anime project!

Header image from Asagao to Kase-san by character designer Sakai Kyuuta.

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