Girls Love Roundup! • February 2023

Welcome back once again to Girls Love Roundup! where we take a look at localized GL releases and announcements having happened in the past month. We’ve been sick, so this episode is a little late, but let’s have a look back at what we got from February 2023.

Book Localization – New Announcements

Starting off with some brand new localization announcements. Yen Press announced a localization of Tamamisu’s ongoing college harem manga I Don’t Know Which is Love, a personal fan favourite when it comes to ongoing series. In addition to this they also announced the localization of The Witches’ Marriage by Studio Headline and I Don’t Need A Happy Ending by Mikanuji.

Seven Seas also announced its first new GL license of 2023 with Usui Shio’s I Married My Female Friend. This is another excellent series focused on adult domestic romance.

Book Localization – New Releases

Next up, let’s look at localizations. We have five physical releases this month starting with the third and final volume of Monologue Woven For You by Yasaka Syu. The series follows two college students, one aspiring actress and one with a past in theatre, becoming a couple. It’s in full colour and a really good read from start to finish.

Seven Seas also had I’m In Love With The Villainess: She’s So Cheeky For A Commoner, the spin-off of the hit light novel series, debuting this past month alongside the third volume of ROLL OVER AND DIE’s manga adaptation and the second volume of Futari Escape. From Kodansha we saw the release of the second volume of Run Away With Me Girl.

Special Announcement

Finally, we would like to talk about a Kickstarter that went up at the end of February, namely My Date is a Total Ike Women by Mutsumi Natsuo. This is a manga focusing on a butch x butch romance written by a non-binary lesbian from Japan.

You might have previously heard about Natsuo-san through a previous Kickstarter project of a similar nature, the Boyish² anthology. This was a collection of various butch x butch stories from Japanese queer authors and if you pledge to get My Date Is A Total Ike Women you can also get your hands on the otherwise unavailable physical release of Boyish² as a bonus!

Full disclosure, Natsuo-san is a friend of ours and we did pledge to the original Boyish² Kickstarter, with our name being put in the book itself as a result. But we genuinely think this is a book you’re gonna want to get and the anthology is really great as well.

And with that, we’re closing out the Girls Love Roundup! for February 2023, thank you so much for watching and if you don’t mind please leave a like, a comment and subscribe.

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List of Releases – Books

Futari Escape (Volume 2, Manga)
Author: Taguchi Shouichi – Publisher: Seven Seas
Release: February 14th

I’m In Love With The Villainess: She’s So Cheeky For A Commoner (Volume 1, Light Novel)
Author: Inori – Publisher: Seven Seas
Release: February 28th

Monologue Woven For You (Volume 3, Manga)
Author: Yasaka Syu – Publisher: Seven Seas
Release: February 14th

ROLL OVER AND DIE: I Will Fight for an Ordinary Life with My Love and Cursed Sword! (Volume 3, Manga)
Author: kiki – Publisher: Seven Seas
Release: February 28th

Run Away With Me Girl (Volume 2, Manga)
Author: Battan – Publisher: Kodansha USA
Release: February 21st

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