Girls Love Roundup – December 2017

The month and year is almost over and once again this post is late. Still, let’s have a look at the Girls Love releasing as the year ends.

Manga – New Releases (December 2017)

Hana & Hina After School (Volume 3) by Morinaga Milk

Release Date: December 3rd in Europe (Already out in North America)
Published by Seven Seas

The final volume in Morinaga Milk‘s story about two girls who are total opposites but find themselves working together and falling in love. Hana starts to see a future in her relationship with Hina, when suddenly Hina’s ex, Maiko, shows up. Hana is now struggling with the worries that this sudden reapparance of Maiko will put their relationship into a gamble.

Being the most prolific Girls Love author to western audiences, Morinaga-san don’t need any further introduction. With Hana & Hina After School she’s put out her longest ongoing series in English in a long time and I hope her fans are excited to see it conclude.

Anime – New Announcements (December 2017)

Love to Lie Angle (TV Anime)

Not Yet Dated For Release
Not Yet Confirmed For Localization

Remember this manga? It was featured in the very first of this series of posts back in January. Merryhachi‘s gay harem comedy is getting adapted into a TV anime come 2018!

The main character Hanabi will be played by Tsuda Minami (Yui from Yuyushiki and Miho from The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls) with the two main love interests Konomi and Iori will be played by Sakuragi Amisa and Nakada Arisa respectively.

As a fan of the manga and Merryhachi herself, I’m very excited to see this adaptation in the coming year.

Games – New Releases (December 2017)

SeaBed (Visual Novel)

Release Date: December 20th (PC)
Localized by Fruitbat Factory

It’s finally released, the psychological drama mystery SeaBed arrived just in time for the holidays and if you’re a Girls Love fan who want something out of the norm to read, this is for you.

In SeaBed we follow three women. Sachiko, a designer who keep having hallucinations about her past lover, Takako. Hibiki, a psychiatrist and friend of Sachiko who try to help her while researching the way human memories work. Finally, there’s Takako herself, who have begun forgetting her past life at a rapid rate, no longer remembering why her and Sachiko drifted apart in the first place.

You can purchase SeaBed on Steam at a reduced price until January 4th.

And so we close out the year. I apologize for the post being so late once again. I was in Tokyo for the first half of the month and then the holidays got in the way of things. Still, 12 months of Girls Love content of all kinds.

For 2018 I’m not sure if I will continue Girls Love Roundup or not, if I do, it might be in a different style from the current iteration. Thank you for following the series for this year and I hope you look forward to another year of Girls Love regardless of whether this series remains or not.

Header Image by Merryhachi (Love to Lie Angle)

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