Game Release: Last Night in Tokyo

For two months I’ve worked together with three friends on a short kinetic visual novel for Yuri Game Jam 2017. With 8 hours left to deadline, I’m glad to say the game is now out for anyone to play.

Last Night in Tokyo is the story of a girl named Tindra who’ve been struggling with her emotions over past events recently. After her friend invited her along for a trip to Japan, they hoped her mood would improve, but it seems it’s not working as planned. So on their last night in Tokyo, her friend pushes her to have a memorable night that can help her get her mind out of the dumps once and for all.

The game was inspired by real life LGBT related events and locations in Japan, such as the TIPSY Girls Only nightclub party for queer women, the Goldfinger Bar and the FTM Bois Bar among others. The goal was to give a small insight into Japan’s LGBT community from the perspective of an outsider knowing nothing about it. Due to the short development period and a lot of crunch to meet deadline, we weren’t able to include everything we wanted in the story. But I hope you will find it enjoyable nontheless.

Yuri Game Jam is an annual game jam devoted to making games about queer women. It started in 2015, at which I contributed a demo for another visual novel, After The Bell Rings and this was my second time taking part in the game jam. It was a lot of fun.

The game is available for free on its page right now!

Team Last Night in Tokyo:
Scenario by Andrea


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