Seven Mortal Sins – First Impressions

Seven Mortal Sins is an anime about Lucifer, who is a hot girl, being cast out of heaven and picked up by the demon Leviathan, who is also a hot girl, so that the two can work to overthrow the Seven Sins of hell, who are all personified versions of the seven deadly sins – as hot girls. Throughout this there’s a lot of cheesecake, nudity, graphic foreplay and other smutty stuff between the ladies of the series. Also, this anime was announced five years ago and just aired.

Your first question after hearing this synopsis might be why I decided to watch this? The simple answer is that I thought I would like it. I’ve got nothing against a show full of shameless fan-service when it knows what it’s doing and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I’m not going to act as if I’m better than an anime just because it’s got boobs on display, especially when the sexual content cater to my own orientation by being exclusively between girls, based on the first episode and the series PV.

Now that I’m done helplessly defending the idea of me possibly liking a show full of smut… Let’s actually get to if I did like it or not, because despite liking the premise there was a high chance that the series could do things that would make me instantly dislike it. Wouldn’t be the first time I give a series like this a chance only to have it completely fuck up and become nothing but an uncomfortable mess. Thankfully, I actually really enjoyed Seven Mortal Sins.

The reason for my enjoyment comes from what I talked about earlier. Seven Mortal Sins doesn’t take itself seriously one bit. Sure, it has a narrative arc and action scenes, but everything from characters to dialogue come with a clear sense of how ridiculous the premise is. There’s an entire scene devoted to Leviathan sucking on Lucifer’s nipple for no other reason than to display her affection for the fallen angel minutes within meeting her, which really just shows you what this show is focusing on first and foremost.

Though that’s not to say there’s not more to the series than just naked demons. There’s also Totsuka Maria, a human attending a church’s school who is roped into Lucifer’s plans. She’s not given too much screen time in the first episode, but there’s some parts where she’s hanging out with her classmate where we get a brief glimpse into what kind of character she’ll be. Naturally these scenes have their own kind of sexual nature to them, as does every scene in the episode.

I guess the most obvious comparison would be Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, another shameless anime featuring a female cast that would put boobs before story. I was quite a fan of the early episodes of Valkyrie Drive myself, but I ended up dropping it when it devoted an entire scene to a graphic and violent gang rape scene. That’s honestly my biggest fear with Seven Mortal Sins so far, that it will end up going a similar route and end up completely ruining my enjoyment of the show.

When it comes to consent so far, the first episode already threads the line a bit by having Leviathan disobey Lucifer by continuing to sexually stimulate her. Lucifer has the strength and conviction to stop her, which she eventually does, but it’s still a case of a “you say no, but you like it don’t you?” moment. Because of the given context and the way the scene was presented, it didn’t bother me too much, but I could see it be a problem going forward if that’s how all sexual advances will be treated. I don’t want this to become a show full of sexual assault when every character is clearly horny enough to get around that and still have the same results.

The series is directed by Yoshimoto Kinji, perhaps best known for directing Queen’s Blade in the past. I have to admit, I haven’t liked any of his work since Genshiken 2 and that was a decade ago, so I’m glad that this might be a turning point. The character designs are a collaborative effort between Niθ and Yasuda Sachiko. Niθ‘s work is rather well-known, he designed characters for the Samurai Girls series and does a lot of mechanical designs for science fiction anime. Yasuda is quite new in the field however. She first worked on Unlimited Fafnir as Character Designer and Chief Animation Director and have kept both those roles for Seven Mortal Sins. I do like the character designs quite a bit too, despite how ridiculous some of them get.

Most of the cast are well-known actresses like Kitamura Eri, Ogura Yui and Tadokoro Azusa. But two of the main characters were given to fairly recent talent. Leviathan is voiced by Fujita Akane who have been getting a lot of large roles in the last year after having spent most of her early days playing one-off background characters. Similarly, Maria is voiced by Toda Megumi whose only main role prior to this was playing Yuzu in Sakura Trick, so she’s got some experience with lesbian-themed anime. While I wouldn’t say anybody left much of a mark in the first episode, I always appreciate seeing a mix of young and old talents.

So I guess I should talk about the censorship in the show. If you watch the English localization on Crunchyroll you’ll come across light beams and dark magic circles almost every other second covering up essentially everything you’re likely watching the series for. This is not Crunchyroll’s fault, but rather comes down to how censored TV anime works in Japan. The series airs uncensored on the AT-X network, which is a premium network viewers charge extra for.

All other networks, such as TV Tokyo, end up with a censored release, which can also be rebroadcasted easier thanks to the censorship. It’s rare for the producers of a series like this to give the uncensored version to the west outside of a Bluray release, since they want it as limited as possible thanks to the premium status. Of course, the only way for someone in the west to get their hands on an uncensored version is to pirate it, but I do personally encourage supporting the English release on Crunchyroll. Which is my general sentiment on all localized anime, really. Support the official release, as good old early 2000s fan subs used to say.

I feel like most people will know if Seven Mortal Sins is for them by the summary alone, it’s not really a series one can just recommend someone. It’s gratuitously horny and hyper-sexual and that’s all it really wants to be. If you’re into shameless lesbian-themed smut you will probably enjoy this. At least for now, it’s not done anything to actively make me uncomfortable or to throw me off watching it.

Seven Mortal Sins is licensed by Crunchyroll and is currently being streamed on Crunchyroll.
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