Girls Love Roundup – March 2017

girls-love-roundup-2017-03I’m not going to lie, this month is not looking too hot for new Girls Love releases. There are a few European releases of previous North American releases and one new book, but for the most part things are kind of empty in March. Of course, this can all change at the drop of a hat with surprise announcements over the next 31 days, but for now it’s a good time to just kick back and get through that GL backlog if you have one, that’s what I’ll be doing at least!

Manga – New Releases (March 2017)

51dv1lrd49lHana & Hina After School (Volume 1) by Morinaga Milk

Release Date: March 14th in North America (April 1st in Europe)
Published by Seven Seas

The latest series by Morinaga Milk is about two girls secretly working part-time at a store against the school rules. Hana is a small and shy girl where as Hina is trendy and outgoing, but soon the two start finding an interest in each other beyond the fact that they both work at the same store.

Hana and Hina also love everything that can be called cute, they begin finding each other fitting that very description and begin falling in love, adding yet another secret that must be kept between the two girls. It’s not the most uncommon or unique premise, but the part-time job angle adds a little bit of spice to the mix.

The series consists of three volumes in total, with Seven Seas planning on releasing all three throughout the year, the final volume set to release around November.

81ndhw7xxglKase-san and Morning Glories (Volume 1) by Takashima Hiromi

Release Date: March 1st in Europe (Already Out in North America)
Published by Seven Seas

Takashima Hiromi‘s Kase-san series has been a longtime fan favourite among people who read GL scanlations. In Kase-san and Morning Glories we meet Yamada, a high school girl who is also a flower enthusiaist. She meets with the schools track and field star, the titular Kase-san, who she soon falls in love with.

The story focuses on the romance between people who are very different on the outside. Kase and Yamada like different things and behave in different ways, with Kase being a stoic cool girl and Yamade being a clumsy loner. But these differences become what draws them closer together as they try to look past these differences to make both of their first loves bloom.

The series itself releases in individual volumes that can be read in any order, with Kase-san and Morning Glories being the first in the series. The book is still ongoing in Japan, but at least two volumes have been confirmed my Seven Seas as releasing in the west.

81ahegrtlslSecret of the Princess by Morinaga Milk

Release Date: March 1st in Europe (Already Out in North America)
Published by Seven Seas

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that Morinaga Milk is the most famous GL author in the west. She’s put out a ton of titles over the years that sometimes it felt like she was the only one able to break through. Her latest work to be localized is Secret of the Princess, a one-off about two unlikely students coming together.

In the story we follow Fujiwara, the captain of the volleyball team. She’s a popular girl, always admired by the students around her. One day she accidentally breaks a priceless vase belonging to the school’s principle. Nobody saw her except another girl named Yuu, whom Fujiwara begs to keep the accident a secret to not risk hurt her reputation. Fujiwara tells Yuu she’ll do anything she asks, to which Yuu replies that she wants to go out with Fujiwara.

After the intial surprise that Yuu would want to date her, Fujiwara slowly realizes that maybe this whole incident might have just been destiny’s way of bringing the two together as they fall mutually in love.

Anime – Current Releases (Winter Season 2017)

c0a05f5fc7c935111a02e0d8f011916f1483619715_fullMiss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (TV Anime)

Simulcast Date: January 11th – (Crunchyroll)
Localized by Funimation

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid have been going strong for two months, with only one episode causing somewhat of a stir due to the nature of its content, which I can’t say was surprising. But leaving that part of episode 6 aside, the series is still a blast and wednesdays have become somewhat of a sacred holiday as a result! Be it the slow building bond between our office lady and Dragon Maid or the curious love between a kindergarten girl and a dragon child, the show keeps delivering on cute GL moments more so than its manga counterpart, which already had plenty.

Episode eight will be out today, introducing the fifth and last dragon of the anime adaptation. Trust me when I say she’s a delight. If you’ve not yet checked out the anime you should head on over to Crunchyroll as soon as possible. Two months into the show and it’s still my favourite of the season despite its lesser moments.

Games – Recent Announcements (February 2016)

mainimgSeaBed (Visual Novel)

Release Date: Late 2017 for PC
Localized by Fruitbat Factory

Well this sure was a surprise. Announced on February 10th, the critically acclaimed mystery Girls Love visual novel SeaBed will be making its English debut on Steam later this year. I think it’s fair to say that nobody saw this one coming.

In SeaBed we follow three women. Sachiko, a designer who keep having hallucinations about her past lover, Takako. Hibiki, a psychiatrist and friend of Sachiko who try to help her while researching the way human memories work. Finally, there’s Takako herself, who have begun forgetting her past life at a rapid rate, no longer remembering why her and Sachiko drifted apart in the first place.

If you’re a fan of Girls Love but feel there’s too many visual novels focusing on your normal school life stories or exaggerated fantasy settings, this is a title well worth keeping an eye on when it releases later this year on Steam.

And there we are, this post felt like a shorter version of last month. But there’s not much one can do about that. I will however take this ending space to plug a kickstarter for more GL goodness! Check out Alpha’s Adventure, an R-18 yuri VN that’s currently in its last week. I contributed a rather good sum to it myself to get the physical release.

I will also mention that I finally finished Kindred Spirits on the Roof 100% last month and I recommend it even higher now than last year. Please check out this wonderful game ASAP.

Header image from Secret of the Princess by Morinaga Milk.

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