Gabriel DropOut – First Impressions

horriblesubs-gabriel-dropout-01-1080p-mkv_snapshot_22-28_2017-01-09_20-21-21I’m a little late with this write-up, but that’s fine. Yesterday I watched the second episode of Gabriel DropOut, the comedy anime adapted from the manga of the same name. In it we follow the angel Gabriel who graduated from the school of Heaven and was offered a chance to study human life on Earth. Once she arrived however, she soon got addicted to online games and became a bitter longer who acts nothing like an angel is supposed to. It’s a silly premise and it works beautifully.

The general cast consists of three more girls, two devils from Hell and another angel. Like Gabriel, they all fail miserably at their supposed role. Gabriel’s dorm neighbour Vigne is a responsible devil who tries to put Gabriel back on track. She serves as the “straight man” of the quartet and quickly became my favourite of the cast. There’s Satania, a devil who wishes to become the next queen of Hell itself, but is terrible at performing evil deeds. Finally there’s Raphiel, an angel who got bored of life on Earth until she met Satania, who she could torment in various sadistic ways for her own amusement.

horriblesubs-gabriel-dropout-01-1080p-mkv_snapshot_05-27_2017-01-09_19-59-52Episodes are presented as separate skits, each with a clear beginning and end. You’ll get about four or five per episode and so far I’ve loved every single one. Both the gags set around the girls at school as well as the ones set around their home works really well and all four cast members shine through with their different personalities. I think my favourite scenes involve Satania though, just because of her high intensity and terrible levels of misfortune. She’s the kind of character you love to feel bad for, with her constantly going through so much crap that she clearly doesn’t deserve but you can’t help but enjoy.

I’ve read a few chapters of the manga and I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit, so I’m glad the anime feels like a strong adaptation so far. The animation is on point as well, with smears being used to great effect to show Satania’s frantic movement among other things. It’s simply a joy to look at, especially considering how colourful the art style is. I also love how well the series portrays contrasts between character behaviour in visual styles, the most obvious one being Gabriel’s initial appearance to her “fallen” form.

horriblesubs-gabriel-dropout-01-1080p-mkv_snapshot_17-40_2017-01-09_20-14-24I tend to find it tricky to write about comedy anime for longer posts, so I’ll end it here. But I can happily say that Gabriel DropOut is one of my favourite titles this season and something that I highly recommend fans of the genre to check out.

Gabriel DropOut is licensed by Crunchyroll and is currently being streamed on Crunchyroll.
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3 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut – First Impressions

  1. This is about Youjo Senki, since you block the comment while making me look like a troglodyte like you, pitiable, if you’re going to make bad lazy reviews driven by being lazy don’t think you can run off from criticism.

    “It’s not a review you ass, it’s a preview. Maybe you should look up some definitions. How the hell you gleam a short post detailing initial first impressions of a single episode as a review makes no sense to me. Also please, use less air quotes, your writing look ridiculous.”

    OH JOY! THE IRONY! Do you actually even know what you’re “doing”? I can’t help but feel shock from your incompetence, at first I thought you were just uninformed but not on this level of deficiency, you are not only uninformed on what you do, but also how you do it.

    For goodness gracious! the meaning is in the word itself. “Preview” the PREFIX is “PRE-” meaning BEFORE, the ROOT WORD “VIEW” meaning to SEE to LOOK or in this case to WATCH, now PREVIEW meaning BEFORE YOU HAVE WATCHED.

    You slander me with words you don’t even know, laughable.

    Maybe your “review” is actually a PREVIEW! If it’s a preview then, I will wholeheartedly agree with you, due to how unprofessional, uninformed and lazy, that PREVIEW was, because you haven’t even watched the show yet! CAUSE IT’S A PREVIEW!

    I can’t help but use quotation, since calling it a “review” is actually troublesome and makes me sick, you yourself isn’t even sure what to call it, even I don’t know what you’re actually “doing” even if it’s a “review” or “preview” it’s beyond pitiable, mercy might be needed, please quit “PREVIEWING” and while at it, DON’T BOTHER “REVIEWING” at all.


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